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Padel Courts

The Enclosure

The Padel Court, when this sport was introduced, was constructed from rendered block work and wire mesh and for many years this was the norm and can be seen throughout South America and Spain. Around six to ten years ago the commercialisation of Padel Tennis demanded that this sport was a spectator sport and that every shot and ball movement could be seen from every angle. The Glass enclosure was introduced and revolutionised the sport as the sport was now completely 'visible' and in turn demand grew to, the last count in 2010, 135,000 Padel Courts in Spain alone.

The enclosure is key to the game and facility. Whilst the surface can be relayed at regular intervals, we expect our 'Crystal' enclosure to perform for over 10 years and longer if correctly maintained.

Padel Box offer only the Tempered Glass Enclosure. We can provide extra over costs for the Solid Block Court if requested but this type of court is no longer recommended due to the additional construction cost for no benefit to the sport.

Padel Courts

Padel Court Walls

The metal structure perimeter is made of steel, St-37 (ot=2350 kg/cm2), cold-formed, and providing the structure of the geometric shape required to withstand the pressures to which it will be subjected.

The structure will also be reinforced by resistant elements to avoid potential warping, bending and sagging of the 12mm thick tempered glass and court meshes.

The frames forming the mesh play area will be fixed to the rigid vertical columns by bolted joints.

The carbon steel metal parts will be primed with red oxide paint and finished with the RAL colour of the client's choosing. The areas of galvanised steel will be primed with Aqua Primer and finished in a RAL colour.
  • Galvanised electro-welded mesh 50 x 50 x 4. Stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • 10mm elastomeric joints made of neoprene, and anchors
  • The laminated steel to be used in metal structures varies according to the area of use
  • For play areas and glass: St-28 and 37
  • For play areas and mesh: St-37
  • For bolt joints, screws of 5.6 quality must be used, with rings and bolts
Anchoring System

The lower part of the rigid vertical columns has an anchor plate, with four anchor tubes to the concrete support base on the perimeter. This anchor is built with the Hilti system, type HSL-B-TZ.


The official play area perimeter is made of temperate approved glass. The temperate glass we supply is made in accordance with Regulation NFP 78034 and DIN 1249, and approved by the Ministry for Industry and Energy as "safety glass", under no. E9-43R-00.0500, dated 13 December 1993.

Our glass has conical recesses for screws to anchor them to the structure. These anchors are specifically used for glass, and are made of tapered neoprene and stainless steel. Stainless steel nuts and bolts, and auto-stop security screws.

The glass installed will be floating and tempered glass 12 mm thick with polished edges and 6 polished and countersunk drill holes to fix it to the metal court structure. This will result in a total of 100 perfectly aligned meters squared. Glass subjected to thermal tempering treatment against annealing acquires a significant increase in resistance to impacts and temperature changes without apparent external changes that vary its appearance.

A fracture in the glass creates small, non-cutting pieces which pose no danger. The glass used by Padel Box has been satisfactorily certified. To achieve this, the requirements of the SPC-033 and UNE-EN 12150-2 certification systems were met.


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